Saturday, February 19, 2011

Book Review #17 - Darkness Be My Friend (Tomorrow #4) by John Marsden

There are only five of them left now. Ellie and her four friends Lee, Homer, Kevin and Fi, have reluctantly returned to Australia from New Zealand to lead more guerrilla attacks on the enemy (who invaded their country in the previous book, Tomorrow, When the War Began).

The group has staged raids on their captive hometown Wirrawee from the wilderness sanctuary they call Hell, blowing up and burning enemy headquarters and bridges and supply depots, and killing with their bare hands when they must. By the end of the two sequels, The Dead of Night and A Killing Frost, they are strong and resourceful, but tired and soul-sick with the pervasive violence.

Two of them have been killed, and one has killed himself in despair. When they were rescued and airlifted to New Zealand, they thought the nightmare was over. But now they have been sent back to Wirrawee to guide a party of adult raiders on a planned sabotage of a strategic airfield.

Something goes wrong; the adults never come back from the raid, and Ellie and her friends are again left on their own to do what they can and must to survive.

My Rating: 3/5

Not my favourite book in the series so far, but I think this more of a stepping stone for the next installment.

This book deals more with their psychological wellbeing and less about the situation they are in.

John Marsden creates a very realistic atmosphere which considering the content is quite remarkable.

The depth of the characters is amazing and they come more and more alive as the series progresses.

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