Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This or That Book Tag

I found this tag here and decided to participate. 

This Or That?

1. Audio or Book in Hand?
I have only listened to Audio once and that was at school, so book in hand.

2. Soft Cover or Hardback?
I have half and half and I am starting to buy all my favourite books again in hardcover.

3. Fiction or Non-Fiction?
I like both but prefer Fiction

4. Fantasy World or Real Life Issues?
Fantasy for sure.
5. Harry Potter or Twilight?

 I like both, but I have to choose Harry Potter.

6. Kindle, iPad, or Other?
I have an ereader that I got for Christmas a few years ago but I am yet to read anything on it.

7. Borrow or Buy?
I hadn't gone to the library in ages because we owed late fees, but I just started going again. I prefer to buy books though because I like having books on my shelves.

8. Bookstore or Online?
I buy from both.

9. Tell Me One Time or Total Trilogy?

10. Monster Read or Short and Sweet?
Depends how I'm going in my reading challenge.

11. Starry-Eyed Romance or Full of Action?

12. Curl Up in Your Snuggie or Bathe in the Sun?
It would be unAustralian of me to not to choose the sun.

13. Hot Chocolate or Latte?
Neither - I hate coffee and I hate chocolate.

14. Read the Review or Decide for Yourself?

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  1. Yes #7! i live a short walk from the library but I still prefer to own the books I'm going to read. I like seeing them on my shelf :)