Sunday, May 20, 2012

Book Review #132 - The Swordhand Omnibus (My Swordhand is Singing #1-2) by Marcus Sedgwick

The Swordhand Omnibus
In the bitter cold of an unrelenting winter Tomas and his son, Peter, arrive in the inhospitable village of Chust and settle there as woodcutters. When a band of gypsies comes to the village Peter's drab existence is turned upside down. He is infatuated by the beautiful gypsy princess, Sofia, intoxicated by their love of life and drawn into their deadly quest. For these travellers are Vampire Slayers and Chust is a dying community - where the dead come back to wreak revenge on the living.

Years on from My Swordhand is Singing and Peter is still on the trail of the Shadow Queen. His search leads him to Venice, a city whose beauty disguises many ugly secrets. The Shadow Queen is there, gathering strength, recruiting a new army of the Undead for a final confrontation. Hers is the Kiss of Death.

My Rating: 5/5

This book contains two books both of which make up the My Swordhand is Singing series.

The first book is called My Swordhand is Singing. What I liked most about this book was the setting, it was dark and creepy and definitely set the tone for the novel.

I really liked Peter, he was a great protagonist. I didn't really care for the other characters.

The second book is called The Kiss of Death. What I loved most about this book was the plot, which was really interesting.

At first I wasn't sure I was going to like this book when I discovered that Peter was not the protagonist in this book like he was in the first. However, I found that I liked both Marko and Sorrel from the very first page.

I really liked how the story was set in Venice because it was unique and definitely added something to the story.

I probably liked the second book a little more than the first book and am looking forward to reading more of the author's works.

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  1. I've seen mention of this book in a couple of different places, you've made me add it to my TBR pile. And many kudos on your blog itself!