Friday, June 22, 2012

Blog Hop #17


Book Blogger Hop is a bookish meme hosted by the blog Crazy For Books.

This weeks question:

Do you immediately write a review upon finishing a book or do you wait and write multiple reviews at once?

At the moment I have to wait because I am behind on writing my reviews. Whenever I catch up I will post them immediately after finishing the book when the book is still fresh in my mind.


  1. Being behind on reviews sucks. I hope you get caught up soon!

  2. Good luck, know you won't have a problem catching up.

  3. The reading is the fun part. Another reason I have to write my reviews right away. If I fell behind, I know I'd never catch up. Good luck!

  4. Sometimes the real world beckons our attention more than we expect.
    happy reading.

  5. Oh man...falling behind on reviews? Well, like Sidne said "Sometimes the real world beckons our attention more than we expect". Good luck with your reviews!