Thursday, June 28, 2012

Book Review #155 - Xoc by Matt Dembicki

Explore the ocean's wonders through the eyes of a greatwhite as it treks from the Farallon Islands off the coast of California tothe warm waters of Hawaii some 2,300 miles away. Along its journey, the17-foot shark encounters natural prey and predators-from skittish sealsto brazen orcas-as well as man-made impediments that threaten notonly the giant fish, but the balance of ocean's ecology.

My Rating: 3/5

I received this book for review from Netgalley.

I was really interested in reading this book because I love sharks.

This book was a very quick read. It took me less than a hour to read.

I really liked the pictures used in the book especially the fight scenes.

The only disappointment with this book was that I thought that it had potential to be alot better than what it was.

I am interested to read any sequels that get published because this book ends with a huge cliffhanger.

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