Monday, August 27, 2012

Book Review #174 - The Summer I Turned Pretty (Summer #1) by Jenny Han

The Summer I Turned Pretty (Summer, #1)

Some summers are just destined to be pretty.

Belly measures her life in summers. Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August. Winters are simply a time to count the weeks until the next summer, a place away from the beach house, away from Susannah, and most importantly, away from Jeremiah and Conrad. They are the boys that Belly has known since her very first summer -- they have been her brother figures, her crushes, and everything in between. But one summer, one wonderful and terrible summer, the more everything changes, the more it all ends up just the way it should have been all along

My Rating: 4/5

I have had this book on my bookshelf unread since June, and am not sure why it took me so long to read it.

This book reminded me constantly of Endless Summer by Jennifer Echols, they are very similar with certain aspects.

The protagonist, Belly came across as immature - from her name to her personality. Although, she isn't too annoying. I didn't hate her.
The male characters were better portrayed. Conrad, was probably the least likeable one. He was too arrogant and selfishf or me and always seemed to be sulking. Jeremiah was predictable, but he was my favourite character in the book. He definitely had the most likeable qualities about him. I didn't really understand Belly's relationship with either of them though. It just made any sense to me.

I didn't like Cam at all, the scenes with him and Belly came across as awkward.

Belly's mum and Suzannah had an interesting relationship, one which I would have liked to have seen more depth added to. I saw the Suzannah twist coming a mile away, and so that kind of ruined the ending a bit for me.

The love triangle was perfectly composed, as you can see it ending in either result. The book just kind of ended abruptly, definitely unfinished and set up perfectly for the second book.

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