Friday, September 7, 2012

Blog Hop #27

Book Blogger Hop is a bookish meme hosted by the blog Crazy For Books.

This weeks question:
What book series do you never want to see end?
Pretty Little Liars series by Sara Shepard - I am up to book 5 and am really enjoying it.


  1. I have heard of this series but have not read them. ENJOY!!

    Have a fun hop and stop by for giveaways on my blog if you like.

    Silver's Reviews

  2. I haven't read PPL, but I do watch the show... I am interested in reading them.

    My Hop

  3. You know, this is a TV series I keep meaning to watch... have you seen the TV series? Does it do the books justice or is it awful? I actually had no idea this was a fantasy/paranormal type thing... I just thought it was a series about snotty teenagers -_-

    1. The TV show is really good. Not as good as the books but is still really enjoyable. I thought it would be about snotty teenagers as well which is why I was surprised by how much I love this series.