Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Book Review #205 - Prince Charming Must Die (The Grimm Chronicles #1) by Isabella Fontaine and Ken Brosky

On the eve of her 18th birthday, high school junior Alice Goodenough feels on top of the world. Classes are almost finished. She’s about to start her summer job at the local library, where she’ll be surrounded by all of her favorite books. And she has a wonderful boyfriend.

Then the rabbit shows up. The giant talking rabbit. He has a message:

200 years ago, the Brothers Grimm unleashed their stories upon the world.


With the help of a magic pen and paper, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm brought all of their characters to life. The world was a more magical place … for a time. Cinderella found her prince. Briar Rose's spell was broken. The dancing princesses spent their nights hidden away in a secret underground city. The old miller's boy found true love.

Then, slowly, the Grimms’ characters began to change for the worse. They became Corrupted. Evil. They didn’t belong in our world, but it was too late for the Brothers Grimm to destroy them.

Only a hero can save the day. Every generation for the past 200 years, a hero has been chosen to fight the Corrupted and rid the world of the Grimms’ fairy tales. To her horror, Alice has been chosen as the next hero. As her 18th birthday nears, she begins to realize life is never going back to normal. School will never be the same.

As for her boyfriend, Edward … well, he might be hiding a terrible secret.
My Rating: 5/5
I received this book from the author for review. The author's Goodreads page is here.
I found this book really fast paced and because it was also really short I read this in next to no time.
Whilst it does lack depth, I think that it being light and fun makes it more effective, and it does have alot of depth for its length.
I have never read any of Grimm's fairytales although I am familar with some of them, so I appreciated that the stories that were related to this book were included at the end.
This story is entirely unique which is what I loved the most about it, and I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.


  1. Was there romance? If there's romance I'm sold!

  2. It's hard to answer that without giving spoilers.