Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Book Review #218 - The Giver (The Giver Quartet #1) by Lois Lowry

The Giver
In a world with no poverty, no crime, no sickness and no unemployment, and where every family is happy, 12-year-old Jonas is chosen to be the community's Receiver of Memories. Under the tutelage of the Elders and an old man known as the Giver, he discovers the disturbing truth about his utopian world and struggles against the weight of its hypocrisy. With echoes of Brave New World, in this 1994 Newbery Medal winner, Lowry examines the idea that people might freely choose to give up their humanity in order to create a more stable society. Gradually Jonas learns just how costly this ordered and pain-free society can be, and boldly decides he cannot pay the price.
My Rating: 5/5
Considering I only paid 50c for this book at a library sale, I was really surprised by how much I loved this book.
This was written when the dystopian genre didn't really exist and so back then this was really unique. Reading this now, this is still one of the best dystopian books I have ever read.
There could have been more depth to the world, but I think the lack of depth added to the isolated feeling of their community.
The characters were okay, this is probably where the book lacked the mos depth. I would have liked to have known more about some secondary characters.
I am looking forward to reading the rest of this series to find out what happens to Jonas and Gabriel.

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  1. I read this book when I was a kid and still love it so much! I wonder if I should check out the sequels (I believe there are 3 that tie everything together...) Will look forward to your reviews if you do pick them up.