Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Book Review #270 - Whisper by Chrissie Keighery


I'm always trying to figure out what's really going on. Always having to fill in the gaps, but never getting all the details. It's like trying to do a jigsaw when I don't even know what the picture is, and I'm missing one of the vital middle pieces.

How do you know if your friends are talking about you behind your back or if a boy likes you? They could act innocent, but you'd know from the rumours. You'd hear the whispers. But what if you couldn't hear those whispers anymore? What if everything you took for granted was gone? Being a teenager is hard enough.

But being a deaf teenager?
My Rating: 3.5/5
I received this book for review from Hardie Grant Egmont Australia.
I really liked the concept of this book as Demi had been able to hear all her life until sickness. The book focuses on how she has to adapt herself between two very different worlds.  

I have known quite a few deaf people and I felt like this book helped me understand more of what they go through.

Demi's family could have been more supportive and even at the end of the book, I felt like they still didn't fully accept her disability.
The ending was a little abrupt and there were a few things I felt weren't fully resolved, but other than that I really enjoyed this book.

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  1. What a breathtaking cover... beautiful!

    This sounds like a very interesting book, I like the idea of being inside a deaf teenagers mind.