Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Book Review #271 - Dark Secrets 2 (Dark Secrets #3-4) by Elizabeth Chandler

No Time to Die & The Deep End of Fear (Dark Secrets, #3-4)
Secrets taken to the grave don’t always stay buried. In No Time to Die, Jenny is devastated by the recent death of her sister, Liza. Looking for a sense of closure, she secretly signs up for the drama camp where Liza died. Jenny knows that someone here holds the key to what really happened to Liza that night, but if she doesn’t find out the truth soon, she may become the next victim.

In The Deep End of Fear, Kate has tried to bury the horrible memories associated with the Westbrook estate. After her best friend Ashley drowned on the estate, Kate vowed never to return. But now, twelve years later, she is drawn back towards the house and that fatal icy pond. There, Kate still feels Ashley’s presence and the past seems to be pulling her back towards Ashley’s life-threatening dares.
My Rating: 4/5
I read and reviewed the first bind-up in this series over two years ago. My link to that review is here.
Like that first book I also felt like the second story was superior to the first one.
In No Time to Tell, I found it hard to connect with any of the characters and I found the whole play/stage acting aspect a bit boring.
I really liked the whole mystery aspect in all these books as I haven't been able to predict the outcome in any of them yet.
The second book The Deep End of Fear is by far my favourite book of the series so far.
I liked all the characters especially Katie, Sam and Patrick. I also thought the plot was alot deeper than any of the previous books.

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