Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Book Review #326 - The Carnivorous Carnival (A Series of Unfortunate Events #9) by Lemony Snicket

The Carnivorous Carnival (A Series of Unfortunate Events, #9)

When the Baudelaire Orphans finally make it out of Count Olaf's car trunk (from Book the Eighth), they wind up at the horribly perilous Caligari Carnival. Trying to avoid capture but desperate to find out more information about a possible surviving parent, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny pose as circus freaks, only to be humiliated in front of visitors and pushed to the brink of consumption by lions. Fortunately, though, the three discover a few surprises about fortune-telling Madame Lulu, who offers a faint clue about V.F.D. and even the Snicket family itself.
My Rating: 3/5
I'm not what I can say about this book that I haven't already said in any of my reviews of the eight previous books. My thoughts are all pretty similar for all books.
This book is hard to review, because it is hard to see it as an individual book. It is more of a continuation of the previous book.
The plot seems to get more depth to it with each book, and the ending had the series first ever real cliff-hanger.

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  1. I think I really liked this one-I remember writing a very bad book report about it in high school.