Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Book Review #353 - Piece of Cake by Kate Forster (Smitten)


On the morning that Lola is due to fly to London, her dad's in an accident. There's no time to whinge about ruined plans - Lola has to just unpack her bags and act like an adult by taking over her dad's cafe.

Finding a new chef and working seven days a week is not the gap year Lola had in mind. But then she meets Sam, a hot backpacker and cook extraordinaire with a tragic secret past.

In a whirl of perfect pastries and delicate cupcakes, Lola and Sam start to realise that it's not just the kitchen warming up. But can their romance handle the heat?
My Rating: 5/5
Having read and enjoyed Beauty and the Beat I thought I would read the other Smitten books. This one seemed to have the most intriguing plot, so it's no surprise it is my favourite so far.
Lola was such an interesting character. Even though she didn't really know what she wanted from life, there was a strong sense of maturity about her. She was also very quirky which I liked.
Sam was another character that I really liked. He seemed very genuine and the chemistry between him and Lola was evident from their very first meeting.
Being set in Melbourne, this book has a very Australian feel about it which I loved because very little contemporary novels are set here. I especially liked that my city was included for a small period.
This book felt very realistic and although it didn't include very many plot twists it was never boring.
I am looking forward to reading the rest of the Smitten books especially if they are all of the quality of the two I have now read.

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