Monday, November 11, 2013

Book Review #379 - Head Over High Heels (Smitten) by Kate Forster


When Lyssa is scouted by a modelling agency, she’s more surprised than anyone. She’s a gangly girl from a migrant family, with out-of-control hair and the wrong postcode.

She’s not even interested in a modelling career. She wants to get into Medicine at university. Then she learns how much she could earn from a single photo shoot – enough to give her struggling family the help they need.

Lyssa’s parents don’t like her talking to boys, let alone posing provocatively for a photographer. And while her best friend Emily is a champion liar, Lyssa’s still not sure she’ll get away with it. She’s always played it safe.

But then she meets Dan at the modelling agency, and Dan is all kinds of amazing. Maybe amazing enough to convince Lyssa that she should play it dangerous for once...
My Rating: 3/5
I have read quite a few of the Smitten books now and they all have very interesting stories but the protagonists seem to all be very similar.
This book is set in Melbourne, and the city has a very present feeling throughout. The constant mention of the trams was the main reason for this.
Lyssa's race plays a huge role in this story. In fact she only gets her modelling job because of her unique look. However, I felt like the way her parents reacted to her new job was the more accurate portrayal of the differing cultures.
Andre was obviously one of the more interesting characters, although he seemed to go missing towards the end of the book. As did Lyssa's best friend Emily.
Dan was a character that I didn't really like. I just didn't get the whole attraction thing with him nor did I feel any connection between him and Lyssa.

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