Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Book Review #381 - The Killing Woods by Lucy Christopher

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Emily’s dad is accused of murdering a teenage girl. Emily is sure he is innocent, but what happened that night in the woods behind their house where she used to play as a child? Determined to find out, she seeks out Damon Hillary the enigmatic boyfriend of the murdered girl. He also knows these woods. Maybe they could help each other. But he’s got secrets of his own about games that are played in the dark.
My Rating: 4/5
I received this book for review from Chicken House for Scholastic Australia.
My favourite part of this book was the setting of the woods because it was hauntingly mysterious but also had a magical feel to it as well.
I liked the characters, especially Emily but thought that they took a back seat to the setting. This book seemed to be a setting dominated book, which is something I haven't encountered before.
I didn't really care for Damon, he was really erratic and a bit arrogant which is understandable as he wasn't really in the right frame of mind given everything that had happened to him over the last year.
Joe was a likeable character, he was the only person who believed in Emily from the very start and carried that belief until the very end.
Emily's mother was very unsupportive and was very dismissive of her throughout the book. It showed how sheltered Emily was to a degree of how much of her father's past she wasn't informed about.
There wasn't very much interaction between the two protagonists Emily and Damon yet I felt like their relationship grew progressively throughout and it seemed like there was friendship at the end.

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