Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Book Review #393 - Breaking Dawn (Twilight #4) by Stephenie Meyer


When you loved the one who was killing you, it left you no options. How could you run, how could you fight, when doing so would hurt that beloved one? If your life was all you had to give, how could you not give it? If it was someone you truly loved?

To be irrevocably in love with a vampire is both fantasy and nightmare woven into a dangerously heightened reality for Bella Swan. Pulled in one direction by her intense passion for Edward Cullen, and in another by her profound connection to werewolf Jacob Black, she has endured a tumultuous year of temptation, loss, and strife to reach the ultimate turning point. Her imminent choice to either join the dark but seductive world of immortals or to pursue a fully human life has become the thread from which the fate of two tribes hangs.

Now that Bella has made her decision, a startling chain of unprecedented events is about to unfold with potentially devastating, and unfathomable, consequences. Just when the frayed strands of Bella's life — first discovered in Twilight, then scattered and torn in New Moon and Eclipse — seem ready to heal and knit together, could they be destroyed...forever?
My Rating: 4/5
I didn't like this book that much when I read it for the first time in 2008. Reading it for the second time now, five years later I was surprised by how much I actually did enjoy it. 
This book is split between Bella and Jacob's points of views. I know that this was written before Midnight Sun was put on hiatus, but it would have been interesting to have had chapters from Edward's point of view as well. 
The plot had a lot more depth to it than the previous three books, which is why it is significantly longer. I am glad that it wasn't split in halves like the films.
All loose ends were tied, although I thought that the ending was very anticlimactic as it felt like throughout the book it was building to something much greater.
The only new important character was Renesmee who quickly became one of my favourite characters in this series. I would love it if Stephenie Meyer wrote a series from her perspective.
In a way I am a little disappointed that this is the last book in the series as it would have been good to follow Bella into her new life as a vampire, but I am happy the way that this series ended.

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