Monday, February 3, 2014

Book Review #415 - Braveheart: Lessons Learnt from Life by Brett and Hayley S. Kirk


There have been times throughout my life that have challenged who I am and I have not always held my head high and said: this is me.

In September 2010 Brett Kirk walked off the MCG, having played his final game of AFL for his beloved Sydney Swans. Many know him as the courageous captain who helped his team win the holiest of grails on the AFL calendar. What many people don't know is how he came to be such a tireless captain, honest teammate, and admired role model in both life and sport.

His next challenge is to help YOU!

Brett, with the help of his wife, Hayley, opens himself up like never before, sharing personal stories to guide you through the challenges of working out who you truly are, what drives you, what you love and ultimately who you want to be.

My Rating: 2.5/5

I borrowed this book from my local library with expectations of it being an autobiography. I have read numerous other books written by AFL players and had expected this to be like them.

This book is more like a self-help book which is something that I do not usually read. Part of this was inspiring, but I didn't care much for the religious aspect of it.

I liked the inclusion of the photocopied pages from his journal and school reports. The layout of this book was my favourite aspect.

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