Monday, March 10, 2014

Book Review #419 - My Left Foot by Christy Brown


Christy Brown was born a victim of cerebral palsy. But the hapless, lolling baby concealed the brilliantly imaginative and sensitive mind of a writer who would take his place among the giants of Irish literature.

This is Christy Brown's own story. He recounts his childhood struggle to learn to read, write, paint and finally type, with the toe of his left foot.

My Rating: 3/5

There were two main aspects of this book that I found interesting. The first was the detailed insight into living with such a debilitating condition in a time period where it was nowhere near as understood as it is today.

The second was the time period as it was set from the 1930's up until the mid 1950's.

Since Christy was a child he never saw himself as being different. This plays a dominant role in his personality and is the reason why he was able to accomplish as much as he did with his life.

Christy's mother was an amazing woman as she never gave up on Christy and was able to care for him even though she had twenty plus other children.

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