Monday, March 24, 2014

Book Review #427 - Hot Six (Stephanie Plum #6) by Janet Evanovich

Hot Six : Stephanie Plum Series : Book 6 - Janet Evanovich

First there's fellow bounty hunter Ranger, currently on the run from a murder rap and requesting Stephanie's help. Trouble is she can't decide if she should turn him in or keep him for herself. Then there's sexy vice cop Joe Morelli - the man her heart says she's in love with (even though her head says otherwise). He's after Ranger too - but for less romantic reasons. . . And now there's another male in her life. He's big, he's orange, and he howls when he's left alone. Sexual temptation, homicidal maniacs, car crashes and doughnut addiction are all part of Stephanie Plum's daily routine. But all that pales into insignificance when Grandma Mazur moves in . . .

My Rating: 4/5

Like with High Five, this book breaks the mold again by not having a regular FTA. This time Stephanie has to chase down Ranger who is wanted for murder. 

Grandma Mazur plays a huge role in this book which I loved as she is my favourite character. Every time she is present in the story it is bound to be hilarious. 

I loved the inclusion of Bob the Golden Retriever as I have a Labrador and Bob reminded me a lot of him. My favourite part in the whole book was when Habib and Mitchell try to dognap him. 

Whilst I didn't think the romance aspect developed on a whole (we are no closer to knowing who Stephanie is going to pick) both Morelli and Ranger developed immensely as characters. 

Everything we learned about Ranger was new as he is a very secretive guy and not much was known about him. Morelli started showing his sensitive side which was something I hadn't been expecting. 

At this stage I am like Stephanie and have absolutely no idea who I prefer. 

I really love the book cover as it accurately portrays the story which is something you don't see anymore. 

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