Thursday, May 29, 2014

Book Review #451 - Nailed by Patrick Jones


The nail that sticks out farthest gets hammered the hardest.

Flint Southwestern High School is run by a cult: the jockarchy. And Bret Hendricks could never fit into their conformity cult. Bret doesn't mind standing out from the crowd when he's on stage acting or singing in his band. And he feels at home in his funky girlfriend's arms because sticking out together doesn't seem as hard.

But loyalties aren't what Bret thinks they are, as his safe havens seem to disappear one by one, and he learns that sometimes you just have to risk getting hammered in order to build a great future.

For any teen who feels that standing out is harder than just conforming. Patrick Jones's second novel nails the real truth about the high price of hiding one's true self.

My Rating: 3.5/5

I have read a lot of contemporary books recently and although this one is not as well known as the others it is certainly just as good.

Bret was a very realistic, raw and honest yet very flawed protagonist. He embraces the fact that he is different from everyone else but struggles with the bullying that he is subjected to.

Bret's relationship with his father was another huge focus point in this book. I found this to be the most realistic portion of the book.

The romantic relationships Bret had didn't have much substance but there was an element of realism about them unlike most YA books.

The ending, although predictable from quite early in the book is the ending that I wanted.  

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