Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Book Review #453 - Ten (The Last Thirteen #4) by James Phelan


An unexpected saviour ensures Sam lives to continue his search for the last 13. His next all-too-real nightmare leads him to Paris and the Council of Dreamers. With Solaris seemingly one step ahead of Sam's every move, unlikely alliances form. Treasure beyond belief beckons, while tragedy strikes at the very heart of the Academy. Will Sam and his friends survive and stay ahead of the game, or is the world doomed?

My Rating: 3/5

It had been a while since I read the last book in this series (Eleven) so I found the summary at the beginning of the book incredibly helpful.

This series is the ultimate battle between good and evil. The line between the two becomes blurred in this book as Sam is left unsure who he can and cannot trust. 

I feel like the more I read this series the more action packed it becomes. 

Each book a new dreamer is introduced and in this book it was Zara. The male/female ratio amongst the dreamers is starting to get ridiculous. 

I love how this series is always set in a different location every book as it incorporates different cultures. This book was set in Paris. 

Sam is definitely becoming the dominant character which I liked as I always disliked the continual changes in perspectives. I liked that the other characters were somewhat pushed into the background in this book.  

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  1. I have to grab a copy of this one, have books 9, 8 and 7 but need to read this one first. It's a great series for kids, especially boys who ate reluctant to pick up a book. Great review.