Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Book Review #469 - Kisses from Hell by Various Authors


Truly, Madly, Undeadly

This irresistible collection features stories of love amid vampires by five of today's hottest authors—Kristin Cast (Tempted), Richelle Mead (Vampire Academy), Alyson Noël (Evermore), Kelley Armstrong (The Summoning), and Francesca Lia Block (Pretty Dead).

From a fugitive vampire forced to trust a boy who might work for the group bent on destroying her to the legendary romance of two immortals whose love compels them to risk everything, this heart-pounding collection brings new meaning to the words "love you forever." Whether you're into romances that are dark and moody or light and fun, these stories will quench that insatiable thirst for enchanting tales of the beautiful undead.

My Rating: 3/5

This book contains five different vampire related stories, which I will review separately.

The first story was Sunshine by Richelle Mead. This was a companion story to the Vampire Academy series wherein it depicts where Lissa's parents meet.

This was my second favourite story in the book and because it was set in an already existing world, it was easier to read as well.

The second story was Bring Me to Life by Alyson Noel. This was a very atmospheric story.

The only negative thing about this story is that in a book that is full of vampire stories, having a plot twist where it is revealed a character is a vampire was too obvious and predictable.

The third story was Above by Kristin Cast. This was my least favourite story in the book.I found the writing too cryptic and hard to follow.

The fourth story was Hunting Kat by Kelley Armstrong. This was my favourite story in the book and it was by far the most unique.

This story was one of the longest in the book but it was definitely also the fasted paced one as it was really action packed.

The last story in the book was Lilith by Francesca Lia Block. This was the story that intrigued me the most as it is written by the only author in the book whose writing I have yet to discovered.

This story was the shortest in the book but definitely had the strongest character development. Even though it was more about demons than vampires it was my third favourite story.

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