Thursday, September 25, 2014

Book Review #485 - Paper Aeroplanes (Paper Aeroplanes #1) by Dawn O'Porter


It's the mid-1990s, and fifteen year-old Guernsey schoolgirls, Renée and Flo, are not really meant to be friends. Thoughtful, introspective and studious Flo couldn't be more different to ambitious, extroverted and sexually curious Renée. But Renée and Flo are united by loneliness and their dysfunctional families, and an intense bond is formed. Although there are obstacles to their friendship (namely Flo's jealous ex-best friend and Renée's growing infatuation with Flo's brother), fifteen is an age where anything can happen, where life stretches out before you, and when every betrayal feels like the end of the world. For Renée and Flo it is the time of their lives.

My Rating: 4/5

I received this book for review from Five Mile Press.

I loved how realistic this book felt. The characters and the plot were both very genuine.

The book is told from alternating chapters between two 15 year old school girls Flo and Renee.

Flo is the more reserved of the two and her unwillingness to stand up for herself frustrates Renee.

Renee likes to put up a tough exterior but she is ultimately as insecure as Flo.

Both of the girls come from broken families and their home life is very poor. The book is about the two bonding over this common thread.

I will definitely be reading the sequel very soon.

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