Monday, October 20, 2014

Book Review #497 - Arena One (The Survival Trilogy #1) by Morgan Rice


After her sister is captured by slaverunners, Brooke teams up on a rescue mission with with another survivor, Ben, whose brother was also taken. What follows is a post-apocalyptic, action-packed thriller where they will have to make some of the hardest choices and sacrifices of their lives.

My Rating: 3/5

Dystopians are my favourite genre of books at the moment so I was always probably going to enjoy this book. 

This book took me a few months to read. This wasn't because it was a tough book to get into or anything, it was because I was reading it on my iPhone and iPad when I was away from the house. 

This changed however when I got to the third portion of the book where I was actually reading this over preference of whatever physical book I was reading at the time because I couldn't put this book down. 

There were parts of this book that were completely unbelievable at times especially during Brooke and Ben's journey into Arena One where there were countless car crashes where the death count of their enemies was endless yet also left them both unharmed (apart from a broken nose). 

The main issue I had with this book was that it was too over descriptive. There was way too much internal monologue and there needed to be A LOT more dialogue.

I loved that it was set in New York because even though I have never been there it is still a very familiar landscape and it was intriguing reading about it in a dystopian state.

The strong sisterly bond between Brooke and Bree reminded me of Katniss and Prim in The Hunger Games, but this was where the similarities between the two ended. 

I can see that there is definitely a love triangle brewing which is something I am not too fond of. 

I am looking forward to reading Arena Two and am hoping I get an iTunes card for Christmas so I can purchase it!

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