Monday, November 17, 2014

Book Review #512 - The Mysterious Affair at Styles (Hercule Piorot #1) by Agatha Christie


The famous case that launched the career of Hercule Poirot. When a wealthy heiress is murdered, Poirot steps out of retirement to find the killer. As the master detective makes his way through the list of suspects, he finds the solution in an elaborately planned scheme almost impossible to believe.

My Rating: 3.5/5

I finally decided to read an Agatha Christie book. I have been wanting to read more mystery books and thought Agatha Christie was the perfect place to start. 

I was a little surprised at first to discover that Hercule Piorot, having the series named after him wasn't the narrator of the book although I was later glad this was the case as I didn't particularly like him. 

Piorot constantly talked down to other characters, Hastings the narrator in particular and I overall just found him quite arrogant and condescending

The mystery aspect on its own was amazing. It was a little slow paced but this enabled me to fully grasp what was happening and get a real understanding of the broad diversity of characters. 

I am really looking forward to reading the rest of this series and hope the mysteries are all as unpredictable as this one. 

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  1. I've only read a bit of Christie although I can see where Hercule would come off that way. And I can see where the pace would be slow too- still it looks like you enjoyed the mystery and it seems like a great place to start. I've found Christie a bit hard to get into but I'd like to read more of her stuff.