Friday, March 20, 2015

Movie Review #1 - Insurgent (2015)

This is my first movie review on this blog so sorry if this is long and confusing.

Given how much I loved the film adaptation of Divergent (I saw it in the cinemas 3 times) I had high expectations for the sequel.

Before seeing the film I thought that Shailene Woodley's hair would bother me but after the first 10 or so minutes (she cuts her hair in the first few minutes) I didn't even notice it.

What I liked most about the Divergent film was how loyal it stuck to the book whilst also adding the required cinematic stuff. Insurgent was completely opposite this. Only about 20% of the book makes its way onto the big screen, and that's probably being generous. The main difference between the book and the movie was the major things they left out.

I know that when condensing a 525 page book into a 2 hour movie, things have to be cut but so many major, pivotal things weren't included which both confused and frustrated me. These included Tris overdosing on Truth Serum and Tris betraying Four with her alliance with Marcus.

Uriah, whilst finally being included in the films played such a small role that I have no idea where his character will end up in Allegiant. He is only mentioned by name twice and even then it's only noticeable when you listen for it. 

The questionable sex scene from Allegiant somehow makes its way into this movie and lasts about as long as it does in the book.

The special effects in this movie were outstanding especially in the simulations. If you are a purist and hate movies that don't stick to the books then you probably won't like this movie. I walked out of the cinema confused as they didn't set up Allegiant at all. From a solely movie standpoint I really enjoyed it and am more than likely going to go and watch it again but next time in 3D. 

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