Monday, July 20, 2015

Book Review #560 - Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick


My Rating: 4/5 

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Britt Phieffer has never been that adventurous, but that's about to change. Wanting to impress her ex-boyfriend, Britt convinces best friend, Korbie, to take a trip with her and go trekking through the Grand Teton Mountains in Wyoming.

But when a freak storm leaves the girls stranded they seek shelter in a cabin, and find two knights in shining armour, Shaun and Mason, who are also hiding out.

But all is not as it seems, and Britt quickly discovers that the guys are there for reasons other than hiking…dangerous reasons that mean they need to get off the mountain, fast. In exchange for her life, Britt is forced to guide them down, and as they set out on a harrowing journey through the cold and snow, Britt realizes the only way to get out of this alive is to pretend she is on their side. 

But playing nice is hard, especially when Britt is unsure whether Mason, gorgeous and sexy, is the enemy or an ally. And as she begins to lose track of who is in control it is only a matter of time before things turn deadly…

I had heard a lot of mixed reviews about this book before I even knew what it was about. Once I read the synopsis I knew I was going to love it as I love survivalist type stories. 

It took me a while to warm up to the protagonist Britt. There is a thin line between confidence and arrogance and Britt crossed it throughout especially in the first portion of the book. 

The plot was enthralling although a little predictable and transparent at times. 

I didn't understand the 'friendship' between Britt and Korbie. I would have liked more closure between them at the end. 

The romance in this book was a unique element as Britt was constantly questioning who she could trust. 

Calvin was the most intriguing character for me in this book. If you've read the book the reason is quite obvious. 

I loved how this book was told through a mixture of past and present as it gave a greater insight into the characters and their relationships with one another. 

Overall I would say that this book met my expectations without exceeding them. I would recommend it to anyone looking for something different to read as this book is entirely unique. 

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