Monday, August 3, 2015

Book Review #570 - No True Echo by Gareth P. Jones


My Rating: 3/5

Eddie is pretty certain nowhere could be more small-town, more boring, and more inconsequential than his home town of the Wellcome Valley. Unfortunately, he is about to be proved spectacularly wrong. 

Eddie's problems start when he sees his teacher getting shot (possibly with an elastic band) and then promptly vanish into thin air. Or maybe they start just a little bit before then, with the arrival of Scarlett, a new girl in town who seems rather too confident and mysterious for your average schoolgirl. She attracts trouble (and Eddie) like a magnet, and she's apparently only interested in two very strange things - protecting the local crackpot scientist, Dr Wolf, and telling Eddie absolutely nothing about what on earth is going on. Because things quickly go from weird to worse for Eddie, and he's about to find himself in the middle of a dangerous battle for the fate of not just himself, Scarlett and the town - but Time itself.

I didn't really know what to expect from this book as I hadn't heard anything about it and was pleasantly surprised by how fun it was to read. 

This book references Frankenstein a lot and as I have yet to read it (it is on my TBR though) many of these references went over my head. It did help though however that many of them were explained. 

This book is first and foremost about time travel, but it was the mystery element that I was most interested in. Eddie's mother died when he was younger in a car accident but information comes to light that suggests that it wasn't really an accident. 

The characters were all likable and fun and they really brought the story to life. 

The time travelling aspect was unique although a little confusing at times although overall I really enjoyed it. 

The short chapters and the smooth nature of the writing made this an absolute page turner and I finished it in next to no time. 

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