Monday, August 17, 2015

Book Review #580 - The Little Book of Australia's Big Things Illustrated by Alice Oehr and Written by Samone Bos

I received this book for review from Hardie Grant Egmont Australia

I asked for this book because I thought it would be a cool project to do with my nephew. Even though he was a little young to do the cutting out overall we had a good time. 

This is what the book looks like: 

For those who don't know what these 'big things' are they are basically giant sculpture like objects throughout Australia and are popular tourist attractions for road trippers. Below are the pictures of my finished products: (I don't usually do craft stuff so I am quite happy how these came out)

The Big Banana: 

The Big Merino: 

The Big Ned Kelly: 

The Big Koala:

The Big Pineapple: 

The Big Penguin: 

and for those interested this is what the real Big Penguin in Penguin, Tasmania looks like (I only just went there in February): 

The Big Golden Guitar: 

The Big Galah: 

The Big Trout: 

The Big Lobster: 

And here they all together with the fold-out panoramic scene: 

Overall, this was a fun and clever idea and my nephew and I really enjoyed doing it. I was a little disappointed that none of the big things from my home state (Western Australia) were included but wasn't surprised as we don't have very many. 

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