Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Book Review #582 - Wind in the Wires (Woody Creek #4) by Joy Dettman


My Rating: 4/5

Source: Pan MacMillan Australia

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The wind is whispering in Woody Creek... Change is in the air
It's 1958 and Woody Creek is being dragged – kicking and screaming – into the swinging sixties. 

Jenny's daughters, Cara and Georgie, are now young women. They have inherited their mother's hands, but that is where their similarity ends. Raised separately, they have never met. A mistake from Cara's teenage years looms over her future, but she believes emphatically in the white wedding and happily ever after myth. Georgie has seen enough of marriage and motherhood. She plans to live her life as her grandmother did, independent of a man. 

But life for the Morrison girls has never been easy, and once the sisters are in each other's lives, long-buried secrets are bound to be unearthed, the dramatic consequences of which no-one could have predicted...

I absolutely loved the first two books in this series and as I thought that the third one dropped away a bit I was looking forward to how I would perceive this one. 

As someone who predominantly reads young adult literature, I enjoyed the young narrators of Georgie and Cara. 

As characters, I loved Georgie and apart from Jenny is probably my favourite character in the entire series. Although I had mixed feelings about Cara I could understand why she was the way she was. 

Cara was born and raised in the city and raised by older parents which is why she came across as rather snobbish and uptight. I did however enjoy her quest for identity and acceptance. 

The past and present combine to bring secrets to light that Jenny had hoped to keep hidden. For the most part the 'secret' was kind of underwhelming and I am still unsure even after a week after finishing the book whether I am okay with the ending or not. 

Margot was as annoying as ever and I am interested to see where her character goes as she is becoming very much like Amber (who ended up in a mental institution). 

I found this to be more of a bridging book as some of the storylines and characters are merging and is setting it all up well for the final two books. 

Overall, this is fast becoming my favourite adult fiction series and also my favourite Aussie series and I highly recommend them. 

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