Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Book Review #596 - The Dog, Ray by Linda Coggin


My Rating: 4/5

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A girl, a dog, a boy, a journey

'When my death came, it was swift. Swift as a racing horse.'

Twelve-year-old Daisy has just died in a car crash. But in a twist of fate, and through a heavenly bureaucratic mistake Daisy ends up, not where she is supposed to be - but in the body of a dog. Daisy may now be inhabiting a dog's body, but inside she is still very much Daisy, and is as bouncy, loyal, positive, energetic as she ever was. 

Daisy's only thought is to somehow be reunited with her parents, who she knows will be missing her. And this is how she meets Pip, a boy who is homeless and on his own journey, and a lasting, tender and very moving friendship between boy and dog/girl is formed.

I love dogs and so this book appealed to me as it is told from the perspective of a dog. 

The book begins with the death of a 12 year old girl. I know this sounds a little dark for a children's book, but where there is death there is also life which is where this fantastic little adventure begins. 

There is a mix-up in the afterlife and 12 year old Daisy gets reincarnated as a dog! At first she is adamant on tracking down her parents but being a dog communication is impossible. 

The portrayal of life as a dog was realistic. The voice as a dog was the best thing about this book. I loved how excitable, loyal and likable she was. 

When Daisy meets Pip, a boy who has problems of his own, and her memories of her previous life as a human start to fade she finally finds happiness in her new life as The Dog, Ray. 

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