Saturday, November 7, 2015

Book Review #599 - William the Conqueror vs King Harold by Jesse Lee Vint


My Rating: 3/5

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THE STORY THAT HAS NEVER BEEN TOLD! Even rarer than the appearance of Halley’s Comet in the year 1066 A.D. was the appearance of three undefeated warrior kings that same year. All three of these warrior kings felt that they had a claim to the British crown, and all three were intrepid fighters who were well known for never taking a step backward. For this reason 1066 was a historical year unlike any other. 

Normandy’s William the Conqueror is one of the most dashing, powerful, and massively influential figures in all of world history. Equally fascinating is Harold Godwinson, crowned King Harold II of England in January of 1066. Norway’s Haarald (Hard Rule) Hardrada, the incomparable Viking warrior king, also played a central role in the destiny of the world in that amazing year. 

These two historical giants, William and Harold, became the greatest of friends -- and the worst of enemies. Caught in the middle of this raging storm that resulted in The Battle of Hastings was Princess Adelize, the young and beautiful daughter of William, and the devoted fiancĂ© of King Harold II. 

Humor! Heart! History! These are the three words that define this historical saga that is written in the style of an Arthurian adventure novel.

I am always looking for interesting books in genres I don't normally read and this book really hit that mark for me. 

William the Conqueror is a historical figure that I have heard of, but just didn't know that much about. I loved that this book blended the historical elements with an interesting and likable plot. 

The book had a very cinematic feel to it so it was not surprising that soon after finishing it I discovered it had originally been written as a screenplay. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I loved the time period that it was set in. 

I would recommend this book to readers of all genres as it blends a wide variety of genres really well and everyone is bound to find something they like with this book. 

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