Monday, January 4, 2016

Book Review #608 - The Chameleon's Shadow by Minette Walters


My Rating: 2.5/5

Source: Book Club

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When Lieutenant Charles Acland is flown home from Iraq with serious head injuries, he faces not only permanent disfigurement but also an apparent change to his previously outgoing personality. After his injuries prevent his return to the army, he cuts all ties with his former life and moves to London. 

I read this book for a Book Club that my mum and I decided to join. This was the book we had to read for November 2015. 

Minette Walters was an author that I had not previously heard of, but as she is well known within the crime genre, I had expected to enjoy this book a lot more than what I did. 

The book starts off really slowly and never fully recovers from that. 

The characters were not very likable especially Charles himself. The secondary characters were highly stereotyped. 

The nature of Charles' disability allowed for him to be an unreliable narrator which made him more mysterious. Throughout the entire book it was obvious he was hiding something - although that something was rather underwhelming. 

Around chapter ten, the book finally picked up a bit and the plot unraveled further. 

I found that towards the end I was looking forward to finishing it more so I could start another book rather than wanting to discover who the murderer was. 

Overall, I found this book slow, boring and dissatisfying. 

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