Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Book Review #646 - Thirteen (Adam Grant #1) by Tom Hoyle


Born at midnight in London, on the stroke of the new millennium, Adam is the target of a cult that believes boys born on this date must die before the end of their thirteenth year. Twelve boys have been killed so far. Coron, the crazy cult leader, will stop at nothing to bring in his new kingdom. And now he is planning a bombing spectacular across London to celebrate the sacrifice of his final victim: Adam. 

My Rating: 2.5/5

I really, really wanted to enjoy this book more than what I did as I really did enjoy the book as a whole but I just found the book really all over the place and at times hard to follow. 

I found the whole cult aspect really interesting as I don't think I have read a book with a cult present before. Although, I found the dynamics surrounding the cult rather underdeveloped and vague. Hopefully this gets explained more in the sequel. 

Adam was the main character but I never really connected with him all that much. He was thirteen years old but seemed younger at times. He just wasn't fleshed out enough. 

The plot was also pretty far fetched. If we are to believe that the cult has previously killed twelve other boys before Adam, why do they fail so badly with killing Adam especially considering that for a large portion of the book Adam is completely oblivious to them hunting him. 

The ending of this book leaves the door open for a sequel which at this stage I am unlikely to pick up. 

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